Maloney Family Genealogy

I am compiling a database of genealogical information on all the descendants of William Moloney and Johanna Becker.

However, to comply with privacy laws and to prevent identity theft, this Web site will provide information on only the first four generations of our family.

As well, I want to avoid repeating any errors which have occurred in the printed répertoires and personal memories. And so, whenever possible, genealogical information will be confirmed by primary sources, such as church or civil records of births (and baptisms), marriages (and divorces), and deaths (and funerals and burials). These primary sources will be identified by footnotes.

This may be a slow process, but it will ensure that my posted genealogy is as accurate as I can make it.

Further information is available on the following topics:

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Maloney Antecedents

Johann Becker's Family

First Generation

William Moloney's Family

Second Generation


William (Guillaume) "Bill" Moloney's Family

Mary (Marie) "Apolline" Moloney's Family

Joanna (Josephte) Moloney's Family

Catherine Moloney's Family

Brigid (Brigitte) Moloney's Family

Helen (Hélène) "Ellen" Moloney's Family

Elizabeth "Betsey" Moloney's Family


Thomas Moloney's Family

Third Generation

William "Bill" Moloney's Children

Elizabeth "Betsey" Moloney's Children

Thomas Moloney's Children

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