Andrew Moloney

Andrew Moloney
Born: 1788-Nov-25 Percé, Québec
Baptized: 1789-Sep-06 Percé, Québec1
Godparents: James Synott [signed] and Marie Arbourg
Court: 1807-Aug-19-29 Case # 80: William Moloney gave evidence: "I am at present a poor fisherman striving to support a family of Nine Children". [Andrew is alive until the end of August 1807.]
Court: 1809-Aug-31 Case # 161: "Andrew Maloney signed shipping papers in fall eighteen hundred and six to fish for [Edmund Flynn] in the following year and [William Moloney] did sign the said paper along with his said son a minor in the view of authorizing him so to serve".
In 1806, Edmund Flynn had paid Andrew an advance. [Andrew fished with someone else in 1807.] In 1809, William Moloney is debited for it, because Andrew is not available to make restitution for failing to fulfil his contract with Edmund Flynn.
Died: After August 1807
Father: William Moloney, of Ireland
Mother: Johanna (Josephte) Becker-dit-Blondin, of Québec, Québec

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