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We are the descendants of William Moloney, who was born in Ireland (possibly in Ardnacrusha, County Clare); settled in the Gaspésie in the early 1780s; and died in Québec, QC, on July 26, 1810.

His wife, Johanna Becker, was born in Québec, QC, on June 3, 1769 and died (probably on Bonaventure Island) about 1836.

William and Johanna married in Percé, and their ten children were born there.

Two of their four sons married and had children.

William, Jr. ("Bill"), settled in Malbaie. The earliest records of his children connect him to Pointe-Saint-Pierre (the home of both of his wives). However, as the later records show, his home and property were in Barachois.

His younger brother, Thomas, married a resident of Douglastown and settled there.

William and Johanna's six daughters married and had children.

Their families are the Smith, Morris, Girard, Morrissey, and Lawrence families of Cap-aux-Os and Grande-Grève, and Île Bonaventure, as well as Barachois and Douglastown.

All of us, in our descent from William Moloney, are the Maloney Family of the Gaspésie.

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